Music for the lost



cover_musicforthelostAfter the tracks “Melissa” and “I am the dark” let tremble the dancefloors since June this year and press as well as audience has been brought to the riddle around its doer, the longplayer “Music for the lost” will come out on the 25th of October 2004!

And that’s meant like the title promises: this album is in each an every relation unorthodox and uncomfortable and nothing for a wide mass with soft rinsed ears! Neither one can attach this mood, these musical turns and this arrangement to a known genre, nor such a production , that culminates in that multiple electronically and analogy alienated voice was ever heard before! And the latter is of great importance, yet, in contrary to well-worn and usual sound, in which the leadvocals take in a narrative roll, the voice in SNAKESKIN takes part of musical mesh and is to be understood as an organic and emotional instrument, similarly to the screams, that a threatening, a fighting or a dying animal is yelling out to the world.

artwork06Further “Music for the lost” is featuring a emormous potential of creative versatility. So the musical range stretches from the ultra hard “Symphony of pain” over the groovy “Cinderella” to the threatening “Furious stars” and the melancholy “Come as you are”, crowned by film-music mature “Longgonelost”! Real fireworks of profound emotions, inexorable aggression and furious enjoyed playing are fired off on “Music for the lost”! And all in a skilled masterly production, whose recordings occurred in the Swiss “Studio au Parc” in the beginning of this year.

Yet also the artwork in the noble Digipak knows to enthuse how it underlines in a true sense of style the love for each detail and visualise excellent the entire, that the project SNAKESKIN drifts!

Equipped by three Bonustracks, (“Melissa” remixed by KiEw, “I am the dark” remixed by Combichrist and the until now unpublished Clubmix from “Cinderella”) “Music for the lost” stands out of many releases, that often today are thrown unkindly on the market. So one senses, hears and sees an immense care all around this album, and yet conceals behind in such a way unusually dark and self-willed unpopular music that follows faithfully to that symbol, that again curves to this almost animal voice of SNAKESKIN: If you want to reach the source, you must swim against the stream!

And this motto follows already another band since many years, that is well known for another music style, but has one thing in common with SNAKESKIN: its composer, arranger, singer and producer Tilo Wolff!


01 – I am the dark
02 – Fourious stars
03 – Melissa
04 – Waking a lie
05 – Longonelost
06 – Panicky joy
07 – Cinderella
08 – Symphony of pain
09 – Come as You are
10 – Recall

Bonus Tracks:

11 – Cinderella [ Club mix ]
12 – Melissa [ Remix by KIEW ]
13 – I am the dark [ Electronoir mix by COMBICHRIST ]